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Whats new: 12 March 2018 - What's new 12 March 2018
  • Our new page Copy editing services covers our six services working on writers' manuscripts, a range which includes our top of the range...

Romance writing has done the impossible. Hard to say how this even happened, but... it's gotten whiter.

This is from the second of two annual studies done by the Ripped Bodice, our fair nation's only all-romance specialty bookstore. As we wrote back in October, only 7.8 romance books out...

Last week the internet all but imploded with the news that Reese Witherspoon, queen of the book-to-screen adaptation, will be giving another tome the Big Little Lies treatment.

A Manchester-based author whose debut novel was initially rejected by British publishers has won one of the world's richest literary prizes.

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi - who's from Uganda and moved to the UK 17 years ago - has won one of the Windham Campbell Prizes from Yale University in...

When a writer is born into a family, the Polish poet Czesław Miłosz said, that family is finished. Yes, but when a writer dies that family's troubles have only just begun. Wills may be contradictory and instructions to literary executors confused. Works left behind on computers or in desk...

Women are used to living off scraps that fall from the table. Whether we're being patronised by politicians touting for our votes, or being told by advertisers we're "worth" a £3 bottle of shampoo, we have learned to take any crumb of grudging appreciation. And we even have a day each year - 8...

Author platforms: we're still talking about them because they're such a crucial part of introducing new books and new authors to a wider readership. And, for indie authors, having a robust author platform can mean the difference between giving up your day job or staying put for a while.

The standard how-to-find-an-agent advice goes something like this: search databases and websites and the acknowledgments pages of the books you love for the names and contact info of agents who might have an affinity for your style; write a svelte and compelling query letter that captures the...

In 2017, almost 50% more short story collections were sold than in the previous year. It was the best year for short stories since 2010.

Commentary: 'A new counter-culture' 12 March 2018

‘Books begin to feel more and more like a new counter-culture. There seems a new power animating books that was absent for many years, and that has to do with the form. It's said that reality has outstripped fiction but I don't think that's true. We need fiction more than ever to define reality...

Whats new: 5 March 2018 - What's new 5 March 2018
  • 'I think there can be almost as much difference, experientially speaking, between you and the person next to you on the bus as there is between me and my pug.
News Review: Audiobooks seize market share 12 March 2018

At this week's conference of the Independent Publishers' Guild, Jo Forshaw talked about the way in which the audio market is opening up, beginning to provide a challenge to ebooks.

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